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i want to know how to develope the application in beestack mc13213

Discussion created by param sivan on Jun 16, 2009
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i am going to use PAN4555 freescale zigbee beestack in my aspplication.i had downloaded BEEKIT & CODEWARRIOR6.2 softwares from freescale site.
when i am  using the BEEKIT software i selected  star network templates and give the pan & mac ids and finally export that project.If i am importing the .XML file in the codewarrior it shows lot of supporting c,header & library files for initilize the beestack.Now what my doubt means, from where i will start my code for simply transmit the data FROM CORDINATOR and receive the same data in the END DEVICE.

1)What are the steps i will do in the software??
2)Already beestacks are all initalzed in that code.Any need to check all that codes??it has more than 20 files for support.

i want a simple example code for transmitting and receiving data htrough STAR or MESH network in my first step at beestack zigbee development..

kindly anyone give a sugesstion how start the applications in beestack......