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Another problem about  MQX.a

Question asked by Yu TianYu on Jun 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2009 by Nouchi
There is a file named MQX.a in MQX RTOS. I don't know which files are complied to output the lib file. Who could tell me Which files are complied to output the lib file?
I want to use MQX RTOS source code to make a project without any lib files about MQX. In fact, I want to design a project which only includes source codes to study MQX RTOS work. I compiled failed after using the files which are included BSP project and PSP project with hello.c which is in Example project in MQX directory. The Engineer of your Company told me that The MQX RTOS are full source codes.Could you help me how to solve the second problem?
Thank you for your help.