John Rosevall

Slow FTP on M52259DEMO board

Discussion created by John Rosevall on Jun 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2009 by mo_tron

I am running the coldfire sample project called hvac_m52259demo.mcp on the M52259DEMO board.  When I use FTP for downloading files from the USB stick connected to the board to my PC the transfer speed is around 2.5 kB/s.  Are such low speeds normal?


I have been able to increase the speed by increasing FTPd_buffer_size in RTCS.c from 536 to 24*536 but the transfer speed is still not higher than 45kB/s even for large files.  What kind of speeds can I expect from the M5229DEMO board ethernet port?


I have also implemented a loop that continously feeds characters to the telnet socket.  The transmission is slow compared to letting the same loop feed out characters to the serial UART.