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MCF51QE32 BDM Multiling connection failure

Discussion created by sam wehbi on Jun 3, 2009
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Hi there,


I am new to the 32 bits ColdFire MCU and I had some experience with 8 bits MCU...

I have a demo board qg8 that has a multilink BDM that can be used to flash an 8 bits MCU (external MCU like HCS08QE8 and others, I managed to connect to these external devices with success based on this thread: .


I want to connect to the ColdFire V1 MCU ( I made my own board) but unfortunatelly without any success!!!!! 


I am using CodeWarrior 6.2 with Patch 6.2.2 and PE 3.04 (the latest one). When I attempt to connect the ColdFire it gave me a failure error (Failure connecting the the device, Power cycle the ColdFire V1 processor....) but it autodetect the ColdFire device!!!.


any one had a success to connect this device? 

any help is appreciated!.

P.S: I search this forum for any thing that help me but without success.


Thanks to all...