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MCF52233: General Purpose Timer [GPT]

Discussion created by Lakshmi Singh on Jun 3, 2009
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We are using MCF52233 processor. We want to implement GPT.


We have used all the 3 DMA timers, QSPI, UART, EPORT for other functionality.


We have switch buttons interfaced to MCF52233 processor board. These 4 switches are configured to IRQ8 to IRQ15. Two IRQ pins dedicated for each button.


Now we are implementing debounce timer concept here. I checked the sampl code provided by freescale for GPT, but did not get clarity about how to do the register settings.


Please Note: These GPT pins (GPT0-GPT3) are grounded in the hardware. Is it possible for us to use these pins for the purpose of running the timer for about 10ms?


Could anyone please help me with the register settings or any sample code??


Thanks in Advance