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binding process  - MC13224V rev 2.1

Question asked by Tiago Picon on Jun 2, 2009
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I have a coordinator node (MC1322x Sensor Node) and have another node (my board) with MC13224V rev 2.1 


The codebase in both are correct.


In the coordinator node i have 22 endpoints and in my board i have 16 endpoints. Well, i can bind key between boards and works fine. In both i receive BindSuccess and the led stop flashing.

But when i try to send a ASL_ZclOnOffReq from by board to coordinator board i can't. I receive the zbStatus_t with the value 0xA4 that can meaning gApsInvalidBinding_c or gZbInvalidEndpoint_c. The second value is not possible because the value of endpoint is correct (between 0x01 and 0xF0).


What I am doing wrong? Any suggestion would be appreciate....




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