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I am attempting to use uart_support with an M52259DEMOMCU board [CodeWarrior IDE 5.9.0]. I can receive data using uart_getchar() but when I send data using uart_putchar() it seems to always output a null byte. I call uart_init() once before doing any I/O.


However if I use printf() the data is output correctly. If I trace through printf() after some gyrations it eventually uses uart_putchar(). Maybe there is some initialization I am missing? Any suggestions would be be appreciated.





Following up: I traced printf() in more depth. It calls:


set_printf(TERMIO_PutChar); /* set up TERMIO_PutChar for writing */


void set_printf(void (*f)(char)) {
  /* installs a handler function to write to the terminal */
  pbuf.outc = f;
  pbuf.s = NULL;
  pbuf.i = 0;


static struct __print_buf {
  char * s;
  void (*outc)(char);
  unsigned int i;


It looks like I may need to call TERMIO_PutChar at some point, however I can't locate this function(?).


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