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Program MC9S12 with CW 5.9 & True Time

Discussion created by Davesh Patel on Jun 1, 2009
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Hi -


I'm looking to purchase the P&E USB Multilink to program MC9S12 micros. I was told by Freescale tech support that I can use the True Time Simulator prog (hiwave.exe) to program the flash & eeprom that is part of the CW special editions download.


I receive two files from my SW team - a flash.s19 and eeprom.s19. I used to use SCBDMPGMRS12 BDM programmer but that has died so need a new option!!


I have downloaded the CW SW and started hiwave.exe. It is a little complex so I’m still not sure it will do what I need. I’ve tried setting connection to “Full Chip Simulation” (since not got the P&E multilink yet) and selecting my derivative: MC9S12DP256. Then I want to load my .s19 files so I choose ‘Load’ from ‘HC12 FCS’ menu. I can choose the .s19 file but I need to do two things:


  • Load flash.s19 starting at address 8000h
  • Load a separate eeprom.s19 file starting at address 3000h


I can’t see how that is possible with this software – can you help please? Or is this taken care of when I choose the micro derivative?