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MCF5329EVB dBug 4c breaks TFTP

Question asked by Paul stewart on May 31, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2009 by Kevin Huffman

Does anyone have a copy of the source code for dBug 4a?  4a was shipped with my EVB and worked well with "dn" downloading images via TFTP.  dBug 4d shipped with LTIB and I installed that in order to gain autoboot functionality.  Unfortunately this broke tftp in a very interesting fashion -- ARP appears not to work correclty anymore with a subset of our Ethernet switches.  The "dn" comand simply sits silently without timing out (no bars twiddling) unitl some external event "fixes" the problem.  For example, if I ping the EVB from the TFTP server, the "dn" immediately starts twiddling, and completes the download.


The ping has be from the TFTP server in order for the "dn" to work, although to the EVB actually succeed in getting replies from other hosts.  I assume that dBug is wating siliently trying to ARP for the server in some way that's not compatible with our ethernet switches.  When we ping from the server, dBug fills in the ARP entry for the TFTP server from the incoming ICMP frame.  I'm not sure if this means that the outgoing ARP frame is bad or that its interpretation of the ARP reply has changed.


I'll get out the packet sniffer and find some root causes.  I don't mind finding the solution to the problem myself, but it will be a lot easier if I have the source code to 4a so I can tell what changed.