B.A. Taylor

68HC11K4  or 68HC711K4  using buf4.2 monitor

Discussion created by B.A. Taylor on May 29, 2009
Latest reply on May 29, 2009 by kef

I am using a K4 processor with buf4.2. When trying to list breakpoints the processor stops after listing only breakpoint. At first I thought I was doing it wrong,but I tried buf34 on a EVB Board and it worked like I expected. It listed any number of breakpoints that I tried.

 Is any one familar with the K4 processor with buf42 that may help with this problem? The only problems I have run accross with buf42 has to do with breakpoints. After stoping a point and then using P to continue ,the processor goes somewhere but I dont know where.

I cant use buf34 because the port and ram addresses are different.

Thanks for any help