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sci error after restart qg8

Question asked by Daniel Juvillar on May 28, 2009
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first of all, excuse me because of my bad english ..


well, i'm designing a project for QG8 which uses some modules (ADC, SCI, RTI, MTIM...). It measures two analog sensors and sends the information through SCI.


When I started to use the SCI module it was so easy, and it worked properly. Now I have a problem.


When I burn my program in the QG8, it sends the bytes properly. But if I switch off and next I switch on, it doesn't send the bytes it should. I mean..


For example, I want to send " AA 55 BB 22 CC 33 ", so when I burn the code with CW it sends ok, but when the QG8 has been restarted it sends "5A 97 ED 5F"...


Could anybody help me?


thank you !!

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