USB Memory Stick Testing

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This is a place holder for feedback on all the USB sticks that are tested with MQX to ensure maximum compatibility.
1) Please post top USB Memory Stick Vendor for your region that need to be tested.
2) Please post the make/model/description of working and non-working USB sticks that you have tested.


A. Why Testing is Needed

Not all USB sticks conform to the same specification and there are small differences between them that can cause it not to work. Our goal is to debug the memory sticks that currently do not work and get them working with MQX if possible. 


B. How to Test

Make sure your disk is formatted to FAT16 or FAT32.
Download and run MQX Lab 2 (http://compass.freescale.net/doc/197259796/MQX_Labs.pdf). 
If you see something like this in HyperTerminal when you insert the USB stick:

Unable to open USB disk
Device removed, starting device cleanup
--->Closing MFS
--->uninstalling b:
--->Closing USB MFS

Then that means the USB stick was not properly mounted by MQX.

If this happens, open up the project in <mqx install directory>/usb/host/examples/mass/msc_commands/codewarrior/

Load and run the project with the USB stick unattached. Then with HyperTerminal open and connected, plug in the non-functioning USB stick. A test will run automatically upon insertion of the USB stick. Add a post in this thread with the output it generates, along with the exact make and model of the USB stick you are testing. 

Add a post for any USB stick that does work as well.  


C. Results

This will be continuously updated as people report which USB sticks work and do not work.

Working USB

- RiDATA 128MB (included with M5222EVB)
- Freescale silver-metal/black-plastic 64MB (included with M52259EVB)
- Freescale silver-metal/green-plastic 2GB - given away at FTF Americas 2008 and DFAE Training 2008
- Kingston DataTraveler DTI/1GB (http://www.kingston.com/flash/datatraveler.asp)

Not Working USB


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