MC9S08AC128 ICG and SCI issue

Discussion created by mylim on May 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by David Payne

Hi, I am using ac128 44pin with an external 32kHz osc to obtain 4.19MHz bus freq and SCI configured to 2400 baudrate.


My init is as follow;




           lda   #$38                   sta   ICGC1
           lda   #$00            
           sta   ICGC2


            clr   SCI2C2                lda   SCI2S1            lda   SCI2D            mov   #$C0,SCI2S2            clr   SCI2BDH            mov   #$61,SCI2BDL            clr   SCI2C1            clr   SCI2C3            mov   #$2C,SCI2C2


I tried to send data from hyperterminal to my board it seems to hang after the first charactor is sent.

Then I tried configured to internal clock by changing ICGC1 = #$66. It doesnt hang anymore, but when i send ASCII char '0' which in hex is $30 is kept receiving hex $90.


Besides, I tried using code warrior device initialisation to do the setup but it doesn't have AC128 - 44pin configuration. The only have 80, 64 and 48 pins. Where do i get the patch? I cant find it anywhere online.


Please advise.