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Data Injecting using CodeWarrior

Discussion created by Alon Lahav on May 26, 2009
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I am using CodeWarrior as an emulator to an 8-bit microcontroller (GR16, HC08).

I wish to inject data from file on a certain point in the code. I wish to set up this file, and each time the Program Counter reaches a certain point, the CodeWarrior will read the next 8 bit data from the file into the Accumulator (or into the memory, or whatever).


In this mode, the real-time doesn't matter, and I use the microcontroller as kind of a simulator (that is connected to my other HW peripherals).


I know that some other emulators do have this ability, but I haven't found it in the CodeWarrior. Can it  do such a thing?


Thank you.