Terry Buckley

IDE vs mwcc56800e.exe and mwld56800.exe

Discussion created by Terry Buckley on May 22, 2009
Latest reply on May 26, 2009 by Pascal Irrle

Writing makefile to use instead of IDE. Use IDE and makefile to build project and am using a diff to compare the *.xMAP's, and am finding the following problems.


1. Having problem getting IDE to reveal the exact parameters it uses to call compiler and linker.


2. Found "inline" in IDE and mwcc56800e.exe work different.  IDE does not inline some routines. Changed makefile to use "-inline off" and got more differences. Had to add "inline" to some routines to get the IDE and makefile to match.


3. mwld56800.exe is showing ctype.h functions in some modules. IDE does not. of course this causes diff of *.xMAP to go crazy because lines do not  match after an extra line in the makefile *.xMAP