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DSPI on M52277EVB

Question asked by ian lovatt on May 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2009 by ian lovatt

Based on an an example PE project i'm trying to send some bytes over DSPI and as the input and output pins are tied read it in. I'm trying to use it like standard SPI and do not want to setup any queing through the DMA controller.


It seems like the DSPI module might not be being clocked as once data is written to the tx FIFO throught the PUSHR it does not clear nor does the tXCTR value increase. I've looked over the MCF52277 reference manual and can see the halt bit and module disable which i've set to start transfers and enable DSPI clocks respectively.


Is there any other enable settings i've missed? Does anything need setting on the crossbar switch or DMA module?


Any help would be greatly appreciated