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Regarding Low Power mode in MC9S12XDP512V2

Discussion created by Lakshman Rao on May 22, 2009
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Hello All, 

I have a question regarding low power mode in MC9S12XDP512V2 microcontroller. In full stop mode (i.e, STOP instruction is executed and PSTP = 0), the manual says that only an external interrupt and reset can wakeup the controller. I find something called Autonomous Periodic Interrupt which runs on internal RC clock. The following are my questions 

  1. Can Autonomous Periodic Interrupt wakeup the controller from full stop mode?
  2. Can we receive CAN messages in the data registers when controller is in full stop mode? 
  3. Other than IRQ and XIRQ interrupts, is there any other way controller can be woken up when in full stop mode?