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How to specify a non-initialised memory area in a LCF file

Discussion created by Graham Moss on May 21, 2009
Latest reply on May 21, 2009 by stanish

Hello all,

As my previous threads have indicated I am in the process of migrating an application from the HiCross compiler environment to the Metrowerks/CodeWarrior environment.


The application consists of a number memory areas:

 - SRAM - memory inside the MCU (68332)

 - APP_ROM - the application resides in Flash

 - NVRAM - non-volatile battery backed SRAM


I understand the MEMORY {} section and the flags for SRAM are set (RW) and APP_ROM to (R)


The question I have is how to specify the flags for the NVRAM area?


To mimic the non-volatile behaviour of this memory area I don't want it initialised, which I suspect setting the flags to (RW) will cause.


Any suggestions or comments?