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MC1321X Interrupt question.

Question asked by Warren Weigel on May 20, 2009
Latest reply on May 20, 2009 by Warren Weigel

I using the MC13213NCB and I cannot seem to get interupts to work. I am trying to use TPM1 Channel 0 to generate an interupt to increment a counter and use that counter to time a time slice. I have added the vector to the vector table and when I look at the memory when a breakpoint is reached the correct initiated values are loaded into register x35. It seems no matter what I do it will not signal the interupt, so my code just waits until the counter reaches a value, but it is always 0.


When I startup the microcontoller I initialize the delay timer and the interrupts.When I run the program it stops at the while loop in the attached code. When I reference ENABLE_INT(), it is defined as "asm cli".


Is there some sort of initialization I am forgetting.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.