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Terrible problem with DEMO9S08LC60 eval. board

Discussion created by Miro Kulket on May 16, 2009
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Hello. I would like to ask anyonefor help, because I'm in a  desperate situation.

I was just creating code for my board and trying to run it from time to time today. But once I ran the Debugger, after showing the small window with connection-type-window there appeared a message saying:


"loading a new application will stop the current one"


I pressed OK and after a while (of doing nothing) another message appeared:


"While in RUN mode, the emulator ca only execute the STOP and RESET commands."


Then nothing happens.

I also tried disconnectiong  and connecting the board, reinstalling the driver, reinstalling code warrior.

Nothing helps me. Trouble is, that I was finishing a project for Monday's handing-in.

Now I am lost. I tried running Virtual Lab from the Freescale's page, but it doesn't work. It shows a window"Loading" and nothing happens.

I'll be really very grateful for any answers.Thank you very much.`

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