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MPC8536DS Baord Sleep mode due to 10Ω Resistive load connected in the system?

Question asked by Ashish Agarwal on May 13, 2009
Latest reply on May 18, 2009 by Ashish Agarwal

Hello All,


I know this can be silly question.


I am usiing MPC8536DS system baught from Freescale.


firstly i was able to do my stuff over this system before, now a days due to some customiztion needed on the board desgin i deaattached the motherboard and the SMPS(PSU) from the Mounted CPU Box. 


I dismounted theall the wires of chasis power, reset and LED wires. 


When i booted the system now, it goes in the sleep mode every time i boot it in approx 4-5 secs.


I tried lot of things lastly i review all the work and trced there were two 10Ω resistive loads connected with in the chasis of system. so when i connected those too the system works fine :smileyhappy:


though it worked for me but i am still not clear about why those two resistive loads are needed there. 


resistive loads


Resistive Load Looks liks this


or they can view by CLICK HERE


the rarting written over there is



10Ω 1% MEXICO No829"


The reason for asking this : newly designed customized board Hw going in sleep mode all the time.  (even after coneenting the same resistive laods too)


If anyone can clear me what the purpose of those Resistive loads it may be a great help for me.