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Codewarrier for microcontollers 6.2 BDM connection problem

Question asked by senthil nathan on May 13, 2009
Latest reply on May 22, 2009 by senthil nathan

Hi all,

     I am new to this forum, i was using codewarrier 6.1 for long time and no problem with that.  Now i moved onto 6.2 version , with this version i am facing BDM connection problem.  I have DEMOJM hardware, with it BDM port  i connected my hardware(which has codefire MCF51JM128 microcontroller), this connection works fine with 6.1 version. But with same setup,same machine connection not working with 6.2 version.    Even i tried updating 6.2 version with "patch version 6.2.2" but it is not helping.  Is is anything restricted in 6.2 or it's bug with this version.  kindly help on this issue.  thanks in advance.