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DMA with UART for MK10DN512VLQ10 with processor Expert 10.4

Question asked by Aalakh Devari on Aug 1, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2020 by Aalakh Devari

Hello All,


Problem Statement /Requirements : 

I am using MK10DN512VLQ10 Controller for simple application as follows:

1) I want to use UART to transmit data with the help of eDMA channel 4 (so that my CPU is free) for my Modbus Application

2) I want to generate interrupt at the end of transmission of last byte

3) Number of bytes to be transfer to UART by DMA will change as per modbus query

4) I want use Process Expert 10.4 for code generation
                              Version: 10.4.0
                              Build: b140319


i want create UART and eDMA configuration using Processor Expert 10.4

Following are the snapshot :

1) Configuration of eDMA (Settings tab)




here i have tried to use eDMA Channel 4 for UART:

UART Configuration:

I cannot see the DMA request link in this....



I have following question:

1) I cannot find how to link UART and eDMA... Is it possible to link eDMA Channel with UART for K10 series controller

2) With this configuration, UART is not requesting eDMA for data transfer when UART transmit is initiated

3) Is it possible to change the configuration of eDMA to change the number of bytes to be transferred to UART


I cannot see the link of DMA with UART as it can be seen for ADC :


please let me know if I have missed anything...


With Regards,

Aalakh Devari