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Secret Sauce for booting from USB

Question asked by john Reed on Jul 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2020 by Yiping Wang

Followed this thread:  "LS1043ARDB SDK v0.5 support USB".     Didn't quite work for me.


Corner case where I need to boot from USB so that I can free up the sdcard slot.     Then I use an adapter in the sdcard slot to access a wifi/bluetooth device.


I boot to:  NOR Flash Bank 4, and then break into uboot.


I Issue this command:     run bootcmd_usb0


What happens is it waits forever for the root device to be mounted ( rootwait is a boot arg ), but it never happens, so it just hangs.


I removed the "rootwait" from the bootscript, and then made a few attempts with changes to the "root=" argument:

     - root=PARTUUID=$partuuidr

     - root=/dev/sda4

     - root=/dev/sdb4


Note that my sdcard has the 4 standardard partitions:    misc, boot, backup, system


Is there a magic bootargs that provides a correct "root=" parameter for booting from usb??