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IMRT1064 ADC1 9 Channel Config

Question asked by Vasudhevan G on Jul 31, 2020
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   I have refereed RT1064 ADC_ETC with DMA , ADC with ADC_ETC configuration , Are there bugs in ADC_ETC and ADC driver? , ADC_ETC sync mode questions on rt1050 , ADC_ETC B2B Mode , Understanding ADC + ADC-ETC.

    I want to configure 9 adc pins.


    adc_channel_config_t adcChannelConfigStruct;
    adcChannelConfigStruct.channelNumber = ELM_MAX_CHANNEL_SELECTION;
    adcChannelConfigStruct.enableInterruptOnConversionCompleted = false;
    ADC_SetChannelConfig(ELM_ADC_BASE, 0, &adcChannelConfigStruct);
    ADC_SetChannelConfig(ELM_ADC_BASE, 1, &adcChannelConfigStruct);
    ADC_SetChannelConfig(ELM_ADC_BASE, 2, &adcChannelConfigStruct);
    ADC_SetChannelConfig(ELM_ADC_BASE, 3, &adcChannelConfigStruct);
    ADC_SetChannelConfig(ELM_ADC_BASE, 4, &adcChannelConfigStruct);
    ADC_SetChannelConfig(ELM_ADC_BASE, 5, &adcChannelConfigStruct);
    ADC_SetChannelConfig(ELM_ADC_BASE, 6, &adcChannelConfigStruct);
    ADC_SetChannelConfig(ELM_ADC_BASE, 7, &adcChannelConfigStruct);

    Whenever adding 8 pin it's giving error, but without configure ADC_SetChannelConfig(ELM_ADC_BASE, 8, &adcChannelConfigStruct); directly configured ADC_ETC_SetTriggerChainConfig(ADC_ETC, 1U, ELM_ADC_CHANNEL_GROUP3, &adcEtcTriggerChainConfig); in handler i can able to get value.

Questions :

    1) Without configured  ADC_SetChannelConfig how 8th pin is giving values ?

    2) XBARA Trigger i have used two trigger 

    XBARA_SetSignalsConnection(XBARA1, kXBARA1_InputPitTrigger0, kXBARA1_OutputAdcEtcXbar0Trig0);
    XBARA_SetSignalsConnection(XBARA1, kXBARA1_InputPitTrigger0, kXBARA1_OutputAdcEtcXbar0Trig1);
    //XBARA_SetSignalsConnection(XBARA1, kXBARA1_InputPitTrigger0, kXBARA1_OutputAdcEtcXbar0Trig2);

     Trigger0 Configured to 5 chain length.

     Trigger1 Configured to 4 chain length.

     Instead of two trigger can we use three trigger each trigger contains 3 channels ?

     If we use multiple trigger source sampling adc value any difference is there ?


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