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What's the suggested value for FOPT of S32K1XX

Question asked by Dawei You Employee on Jul 30, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by Dawei You

Hi Support:


I have saw some questions and discussion about FOPT value in S32K1XX, but really when 0x7F is set in FOPT, the 0x400-0x40F couldn't be read back for verification.

Since old version 0N77P  FOPT bit 7 has meaning, so FOPT is set to 0x7F, but latest 0N57U has reserved bit, so still suggest set 0x7F?

What's improper condition will lead to 0x400-0x40F couldn'r read back? Flash voltage or timming?


What is the default value of FOPT(Flash Option Register) in Flash configuration field