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M54455EVB Coldfire development kit - can't find much information

Discussion created by amacdonald amacdonald on May 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2010 by David E Seymour

I'm starting to play with a MCF5445x development kit, in order to get familiar with the V4 Coldfire parts. This box comes loaded up with an embedded Linux that you can start from a terminal hooked to one of the serial ports, and through one of the ethernet ports you can run a small web server.


Digging through the information that came with the kit, on the Freescale web pages, and on this forum I 'm not really finding much information. There are a few application notes that pretty much deal with specific hardware issues with the kit, but I can't find any code examples or tutorials. I have the kit up and running, and in Codewarrior can "see the hardware" via the built in USB multilink.


Is there some place that I've missed that has the source code for what is running in the box, or some example code, so that I can modify or enhance the native code using the delivered Codewarrior? For a moment I thought that the intent of the kit was just for embedded Linux development, but then I asked myself, "if that was the case, why deliver Codewarrior with it?" Any ideas will be appreciated.


Thank you in advance. Regards, Allan