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DDRv Report generations to JPG strange behavior

Question asked by Nelson Yang Employee on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by Yiping Wang

I have a customer using CW4NET_v2020.06 v11.5.0 with QCVS 4.22 and runnign DDRv Diag Margin tests on a LX2162a.


Tests run fine but when trying to generate a report with the jpg and eye diagrams they see a black black screen.

I worked with him and if I run only one byte lane and one bit lane then the picture generates ok. 


His eval license did expire so I helped him generate a renewal and same thing happens.


The same precess works fine on my machine.


Has anyone else seen this behavior?


I have asked him to try uninstalling and re-installing the tool.