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files for flash programming

Question asked by yu xidi on May 12, 2009
Latest reply on May 20, 2009 by Pascal Irrle

Hi guys:

        these days, I study the flash programming. the manual says you can download both S-record and ELF file to chips. I have no doubt on S-record file, bu do have some on ELF. every time I make project and get sveral other files such sdm_pROM-xRAM.elf (CodeWarrior Link Map) and sdm_pROM-xRAM (CodeWarrior ELF Debug Executable) except .s files. When I open 5600E flash programmer and choose files for download as ELF file type chosen, only sdm_pROM-xRAM (CodeWarrior ELF Debug Executable) can be selected not sdm_pROM-xRAM.elf (CodeWarrior Link Map). so I don't know why it is like this for .elf has the right ELF suffix or the former one is the real ELF file?


  thank you in advance