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SDK 2.8.0: NOR flash driver fixed to DQS loopback

Question asked by rshipman on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by Victor Jimenez



Platform: RT1021 with NOR flash on 2nd pinmux and not using DQS.

(Flash device same as RT1020-EVK.)


See function: Nor_Flash_Init

File: nor_flash/fsl_flexspi_nor_flash.c

Lines: 3520 - 3529


    /* Get FLEXSPI default settings and configure the flexspi. */



    /*Set AHB buffer size for reading data through AHB bus. */

    flexspiConfig.ahbConfig.enableAHBPrefetch    = true;

    flexspiConfig.ahbConfig.enableAHBBufferable  = true;

    flexspiConfig.ahbConfig.enableReadAddressOpt = true;

    flexspiConfig.ahbConfig.enableAHBCachable    = true;

    flexspiConfig.rxSampleClock                  = kFLEXSPI_ReadSampleClkLoopbackFromDqsPad;

    FLEXSPI_Init((FLEXSPI_Type *)handle->driverBaseAddr, &flexspiConfig);


This FLEXSPI_Init code was added to Nor_Flash_Init in SDK 2.8.0 (used to be called separately in the demo evkmimxrt1020_flash_component_nor). Which means I cannot set flexspiConfig.rxSampleClock to something different.


Please revert this modification.


Many thanks and regards,