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Issue on switch single port mode ping on nxp-ls1028ardb with LSDK20.04 v4.19 kernel

Question asked by Tang zhantao on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by Tang zhantao

Hi experts,


There is a qustion about switch port ping on LS1028ardb board.

In the user manual of LSDK20.04 for felix switch, the felix switch  can be set to single port mode, like the following: Single port mode
In this configuration mode the traffic received on all external ports is forwarded to the CPU port. However, the L2 forwarding is not enabled by default. Each switch port interface can be used independently to send and receive packets.


If use two ls1028ardb boards, set the switches to single mode, and set the switch ports with same net segment, like 192.168.2.x on the two switches, connect any two switch port of the two boards respectively, the ping will fail.


kernel version is v4.19 of LSDK20.04.


Did you ever do this type of test before?

Is there any logs or other known issue with that?