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GDU VLS threshold

Question asked by PRATIBHA SURABHI on Jul 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2020 by Daniel Martynek

Hello All,


I am using ZVML64 with GDUV4. From the RM v2.13, the voltage thresholds for undervoltage on VLS for GDU V4 are VLVLSHA and VLVLSHD.


Under the GDUF register description , for GLVLSF bit , for bit value 0 ->VLS_OUT pin voltage is above VLVLSD


Question 1) My understanding is that VLVLSD is nothing but VLVLSHD. It is an prinitng error. Can anyone please confirm the same.?


Question 2) After having a quick look at the GDU electrical characteristics table for V4 for VLVLSHA and VLVLSHD [10a and 10b respectively], I can see that the min,typ and max voltage levels are almost overlapping if not equal.

My thinking is that; due to these overlapping thresholds, the GLVLSF bit will set immediately once it is cleared or viceversa [if the voltages are at that detection level]

Can someone please explain if these overlapping levels are ok and reason for the overlapping voltage levels.


Thank you