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Question asked by Mark Saenger on Jul 27, 2020
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I'm looking to store some sensitive data on the i.MX 8M Mini EVK and have a question regarding usage of the CAAM and OP-TEE.


I've found the example projects here: imx_sec_apps - i.MX Security Application Examples  and have been looking at application note AN12554 ( for CAAM key blobs and on the OP-TEE side I have been looking at the enhanced OpenSSL project in the repository I mentioned and application note AN12632 (  After reading these and playing around with the code, it seems that I could use either of these methods to accomplish my goal of storing some sensitive data.  My question is could I do this using the CAAM key blobs or OP-TEE?  The OP-TEE path is simpler it seems and I could simply store the keys in the trusted application and provide an API in the client application to retrieve the data when I need it.  I suppose the CAAM method might provide a little more security perhaps?


The other implementation would be to use OP-TEE and the CAAM to perform all cryptographic functions in the secure world and only provide a minimal API on the client side to access any needed functions/data.  This seems to be more similar to the enhanced OpenSSL application note.


Am I understanding this correctly?   Also, are there any examples that apply to Linux kernel 5.4?