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Failed to run OTFAD encrypted code on RT1010_EVK

Question asked by Calvin Lin on Jul 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by Calvin Lin


As title, I would like to run the OTFAD encryption image in QSPI XIP mode on RT1010, I was using NXP-MCUBootUtility 2.3 to program "led_blinky_0x6000a000.srec" from the apps folder, however, if I program this file in "DEV unsigned image boot" or "HAB signed image boot", it could run normally, but if I program the file in "OTFAD Encrypted Image Boot", the LED will not blink, as I already tried this on three of my EVK boards, I currently don't have any other "clean chip" to try any different settings, so I would like to ask if anyone knows what happened on my board?

And please let me know what change could I make to let my board successfully run in OTFAD?


Here are settings of NXP-MCUBootUtility: