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Problem with AFT09MS015N AWR simulating

Question asked by Minnigaley Aizatullin on Jul 24, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2020 by LPP


I`m trying to simulate Power Stage with AFT09MS015N device in Cadence AWR 15 software, I was hoping to get at least 15W of output power at Vdd 12.5V and Idq 0.1A in 136-174 Mhz band. After simulating I got strange Pout and Gain graph (see "Meas.jpg" with Vgs 2.5V, at Vgs 2.75V maximum Pout is almost the same). What am I doing wrong?

Before installing AFT09MS015N model, I installed RF High Power Model Kit AWRE v13 - model definition required to run all RF High Power AWR Design Kits.