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SC18IS600 bridge not working

Question asked by Mathieu Albrespy on Jul 23, 2020



I want to retrieve the buffer after an I2C read command but the content is always equal to 0x06.

When I probed the I2C command, everything is OK. 

My setup :

MCU (TMS570LS0714) -> SC18IS600 -> PCA6408A (@ 0x40)

My test :

Write 0xA6 to register 0x02 of the PCA6408A then re-read 0x02 to verify that 0xA6 has been written


Here the write transaction -> OK


The read transaction (my capture is too small to show the I2C stop) 



The read buffer SPI command :


So the last measure shows that the I2C status is 0xF0 (read success) BUT the read buffer command return 0x06, I'm expecting 0xA6.

I can write any other data at any other offset, I always have 0x06 in the read buffer.

I can read multiple time the read buffer it is always equal to 0x06.

I tried to read 8 bytes, in the read buffer: first byte is equal to 0x06, all other bytes are 0s ...


What is wrong ??