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T1023 boot problem

Question asked by jaehwan sun on Jul 23, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2020 by ufedor
I made a commercial board using the T1023NXE7MQA, but when power-on, it does not work. The power-on sequence also works as recommended, and power-on reset configuration and RCW are also normal. (Check with scope)
If this doesn't work, it will not work even if you reset it with the reset switch. However, there are times when it works normally, but it works normally even when reset with the reset switch.
One peculiarity is that when the PRESET is low, the IFC_AD goes low if there is no pull-up register externally (the data sheet says that a pull-up register externally is unnecessary).
Please let me know if there are any causes or solutions.
Thank you