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  MBD SPI problem based MPC57**

Question asked by hao xue on Jul 23, 2020
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Now I have  a trouble with the MBD SPI based MPC5744P-dev.

I want to use the stateflow to read the position of resolver of motor by SPI.

I did the stateflow like following which refered to the AD2s1205 referrence.

but it does work. Can you help me find the problem of the SPI configuration or modeling errors?

1,the problem of SPI configuration

here, I did choose the PSCn . beacuse I will control the CS port reading time later . When i set the PCS here, there is an error occuring.  Can you tell me if  this configuration is OK ?

2, According to the "Power Supply Sequencing and Reset" and"Serial Port Read Timing" 

I used the pit to trigger the stateflow like following. I used various methods to debug the positiong only , but the SO and CLOCK signals of ad2s1205 were always wrong, Can you help me check it ?

Any suggestions will be appreciated。


thank you very much.

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