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Upgrading MCUXpresso results in a larger compiled code

Question asked by Vithal Kamat on Jul 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by Alice_Yang

I have just upgraded my MCUXpresso IDE from 10.2.1 Build 795 to the latest 11.2.0 Build 4120.

However, I have noticed that the LPC802 project that I am recompiling with the new IDE results in a larger code size.With the older IDE version, the hex code size was 0x2300 while with the new IDE it has increased to 0x23a0.

The MCU C Compiler Optimization is the same, namely, None (-O0).

I have tried with the latest version of the IDE both on an Ubuntu as well on a Windows OS. Both consistently compile and output hex code of size  0x23a0. 

On close comparison of the two disassembly codes, I observe that the new compiler with IDE 11.2.0, is inserting extra nop instructions 46 c0 ( 2 bytes) at certain addresses in the code. So also the size of __vfprintf  and other such libraries are also different. 

Would it be possible to ensure that the libraries that each of the IDE uses is the same so that we can have consistent code size?