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LPC55S16 and config tool

Question asked by inventthings on Jul 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by inventthings

I'm trying to start a new project using SPI on a LPC55S16 in MCUXpresso. I Select pins and peripherals in the Config Tools built into MCUXpresso. However, on the overview screen it says "Tools not supported for the selected processor: Device Configuration".

Under problems tab I can see:

"Processor core 'cm33_core0' detected in MCUXpresso_IDE project does not match with currently selected `core 0`


In addition I see a warning

"Unsupported version of the FLEXCOMM SPI Driver in the toolchain/IDE project. Required 2.01, actual 2.1.1. Project might not compile correctly".


I've checked on MCUXpresso Config Tools|Software Development for NXP Microcontrollers (MCUs) | NXP  and it says

NOTE: Supported devices can be found by visiting the SDK Builder and clicking on "Select Development Board."

I've got the LPC55S16 Dev Kit and it is listed in the SDK Builder.


This is my first project with an NXP device so can someone please help! Thanks.