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Emmc UUU flashing of signed ahab images to imx8qxp Evk

Question asked by Vimal Babu on Jul 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by Joan Xie

We are trying to flash cst signed ahab images to imx8qxp evk. The following are the images in hand


  • container with singed uboot ----> flash.bin
  • container with signed Image and dtb ---- > Image
  • custom-base-image-imx8qxp-20200720055835.rootfs.wic.bz2 , we are using this wic image such that we will replace the uboot and Image with signed flash.bin and Image


Method used to replace uboot 


  1. Unzip the wic.bz2, we get custom-base-image-imx8qxp-20200720055835.rootfs.wic
    1. $ bzip2 -vfd custom-base-image-imx8qxp-20200720055835.rootfs.wic.bz2
  2. Replacing unsigned uboot with signed flash.bin
    1. $ sudo dd if=flash.bin of=custom-base-image-imx8qxp-20200720055835.rootfs.wic seek=33 bs=1k
  3. Using wic command we replace Image with signed Image container
    1. $ wic cp Image custom-base-image-imx8qxp-20200720055835.rootfs.wic:1
  4. Flashing wic image to evk
    1. $ sudo uuu -b emmc_all flash.bin custom-base-image-imx8qxp-20200720055835.rootfs.wic


Can you please confirm regarding this method of emmc flashing?