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DDR3 and DDR3L using in LS1021A processor

Question asked by Ramesha S P on Jul 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2020 by Bulat Karymov

Hello Sir,


Currently in our custom design we are using LS1021A processor for this we are using two different DDR part number,  and tRCD,tRP(min) is 12.5 for one DDR3(part number: IS43TR16640C-125JBLI) and  tRCD,tRP(min) is  13.75 for another DDR3L(part number:IS43TR16128CL-125KBLI).


In general standard voltage for DDR3 VDD and VDDQ should be 1.5V and DDR3L VDD & VDDQ should be 1.35V is this right?


If we are using two different DDR parts so how to do DDR calibration with this, i have gone through the QCVS DDR Tool User Guide. but i couldn't get any information with two different ddr parts.


thanks in advance,

Ramesha S P