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Build basic production material tracking application with NFC

Question asked by Mort Piedra on Jul 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by fangfang

We are a small company and have no experience with NFC yet, but wish to build a basic production material tracking application with the help of NFC technology (as opposed to using barcodes and scanners).


My very basic research makes me believe that we need the following NFC tags:

- must support low temperatures -20C

- ISO 15693 (since the reading distance will be about 30cm)

- ideally integrated in thick PVC-card of credit card size

- writeable in order to accomodate an 8 character product code

- write protection basic (only in order to prevent accidental change of above product code)

- number of required tags: 500

- the tags will be placed in stainless steel containers (25X30X15cm) and will be read from above



Any assistance with how/where we could get a hold of tags in this format would be greatly appreciated.


One option for us would be to hire a technology company to provide the entire solution from start to end inlcuding suppling of the tags, but we afraid that we could not carry the cost.


Thank you.



P.S. I choose 'NXP Designs', but have no idea what woud be a proper location, so please do not hesitate to letting me know if I should move it.