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What Causes "Starting Jetty Server" Problem?

Question asked by Scott Sabin on Jul 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2020 by Scott Sabin

I have a problem running the debugger in S32 DS for ARM that just started today.  Whether I try to debug via OpenSDA or with the Multilink tool, I get the "Problem Occurred" window popping up.  Inside the window it says:


"my project name" has enountered a problem.


Error in services launch sequence.


So I'm forced to click "OK" and no debugging for me.  Same problem of course when I try to Flash from File.


I noticed that just today for the first time, when launching S32 DS for ARM, I get an error message during startup that is only displayed for about 5 seconds then disappears.  The window has a title of "Problem Occurred" and the message is


'Starting Jetty Server' has encountered a problem.  Unable to establish loopback connection


I never noticed this before, and the details button offered no help, stating simply: "Unable to establish loopback connection"  (and twice actually in the same window).


Not knowing what else to try, I uninstalled S32KDS for ARM after first removing the P&E drivers, then reinstalled.  Same problem exists.


The project compiles without warnings or errors, but I cannot program the EVB.


I suspect that my IT department's update could have something to do with this, but I don't know where to look at a conflict, although I will see if my system did a restore point and try that.


Any ideas what this error is caused by?