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Multilink ML12

Discussion created by Guittet Joel on May 9, 2009
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Hi !


I just bought a cheap Multilink ML12 Rev B on eBay. I received it today, and of course I immediately open the Multilink BDM in order to know how it looks inside :smileyhappy:

I was surprised : the PCB is very small compared to the box ! There is a S12UF32 MCU inside and some few components, nothing particular.


But there is also a large "connector" printed on both size of the PCB (photo is here :, at the opposite of the USB connector...2x18 pins ! All pins seem to go somewhere on the PCB... do you know the utility of this printed connector ??


I have also an other question : does a multilink rev B could program a Coldfire V1 ? PEMicro said that rev B could program HCS08 and S12, and rev C could program HCS08, S12, RS08 and CFV1 ; reason : RS08 need some special hardware adjustments ... but not CFV1 ?! Is there anybody who success to program a CFV1 with a Multilink ML12 rev B programmer ? (of course I have upgrade software to the latest version : 5.79) I haven't a CFV1 ready to be programmed so I haven't try yet...


Thank you very much !