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Touch Tuning variables not plotted on Oscilloscope for a Custom FreeMASTER Project

Question asked by xpress-embedo on Jul 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by xpress-embedo

Hello Everyone,

I am using FreeMASTER for a touch tunning exercise for the MKE15Z micro-controller.

I used the sample project which is available with SDK and it works well.

Here are the below snapshot of it's working.

But due to some reason I wanted to create a new FreeMASTER project from scratch, with just visualization part, no other information.

The idea is to create an oscilloscope view for each electrode without other information.

But it's not working.


The following images show the comparison, left side is working and right side is not working one.

The following image shows the variable, although I used the same *.out file in both the projects, the same variables are used but in the working project, variable addresses are shown but in not working one it is not shown.

In the project which is not working, if I used a variable which is having a fixed address it works, as shown below.

Here I added a "millisecond" variable which I increment in 1ms SysTick interrupt and this works well.

Can someone help me in understanding and how to fix this problem?

Why with the custom project it is not working, and why this is not able to detect the touch-related variables in one project and why working in the other?

PS: I have clicked reload symbol file several times, but even this doesn't work.


Thanks in advance.