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Is OpenSDA essential?

Question asked by Andrew Lee on Jul 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2020 by Victor Jimenez

Hello, NXP,

I checked that there is OpenSDA between i.MX RT1010 (or i.MX RT1020) and USB connector.

With "GUI Flash Tool" in MCUXpresso IDE, I can download image.

When I checked RT1020_connect.scp, this use SWD to download firmware.


In real board which I will make, I want to remove OpenSDA and use only RT10xx if possible.

When I get board without firmware, how I can download image?

Do I use MCU Boot Utility(NXP-MCUBootUtility)?

Before getting real board, how I can test downloading firmware with EVK?

Can I think OpenSDA as bridge and UART1 is connected directly and use MCU Boot Utility?