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Some problem about FreeMASTER on CAN

Question asked by flony zhang on Jul 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2020 by flony zhang

In my S32K144's project ,I atteched FreeMASTER driver v2.0. I readed the user guide,and followed the instruction.


I created the project with Processer Expert, use can0 pal for communication.

modify the "freemaster_cfg.h":

#define FMSTR_POLL_DRIVEN      1    /* No interrupt needed, polling only */

#define FMSTR_USE_FLEXCAN      1    /* To select FlexCAN communication interface */
#define FMSTR_CAN_CMDID 0x7aa   /* incoming (command) CAN message ID */
#define FMSTR_CAN_RESPID 0x7ab  /* response CAN message ID, may be the same as command ID */


In "main.c",call the init function and then poll in the for loop.

CAN_Init(&can_pal1_instance, &can_pal1_Config0);




I connect the PC host,the MCU can only send one CAN message every one reset.

I have upload the project.Could anyone help me?