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Error starting with DEMO9S12xDT512

Question asked by Mwendzao OUSSEINE on Jul 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2020 by ZhangJennie



I’m trying to get start with DEMO9S12xDT512.

I downloaded evaluation license Code Warrior 5.2 in nxp website.

I also took the content of DVD of the demo.

First, when I try to build the project without doing anything it was missing mc9s12xdt512.h, I add it.

After that one build error was “XGVBR not declared” but I can see it on mc9s12xdt512.h.

The compiler does not see mc9s12xdt512.h but it can see XGVBR. I commented XGVBR the compilation was ok so the debug IDE opened, but some error appear, first was about P&E_ICD*.cmd after that the problem was mcu03f01.fpp the file is missing, Freescal directory I can find MCU03f(5,2,4,6).fpp but not the one. Where can I find it please?

Please, anyone can help me to get start with this DEMO.


Thank you in advance for your help