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About iMX28 secure boot

Question asked by xing liu on Jul 15, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by Rita Wang

Hi All,

   I have some questions about the secure boot of iMX28.

1. about boot csf file

# Base address of the binary file, Offset of the block within the binary file,
Length of block in bytes, binary file name
[Authenticate Data]
Verification index = 2
Engine = DCP
Blocks = 0x41008000 0x0 0x2A000 "u-boot_pad.bin"


Beause we use the WinCE platform,How to calculate the xldr binary offset address within the ivt binary file?

the eboot bd file:

options {
driveTag = 0x00;
flags = 0x01;

constants {
xldr_addr = 0x00000004;
eboot_addr = 0x40050000;
bmp_addr = 0x40094000;
ivt_addr = 0x8000;

sources {
xldr = "xldr.nb0";
eboot = "eboot.nb0";
bmp = "splash_eboot.bmp";

section (0) {
load xldr > xldr_addr;
load ivt (entry = xldr_addr) > ivt_addr;
hab call ivt_addr;

load bmp > bmp_addr;

load eboot > eboot_addr;
load ivt (entry = eboot_addr) > ivt_addr;
hab call ivt_addr;


2.The SEC_CONFIG has been mentioned many times in AN4555 file.However,I can't find any detailed description about it.And how can we change this register when we want to debug the fuse configuration?